How to be an A Student on Zoom

Zoom Étiquette

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  1. Engage/Participate: don’t just join the class and then watch or do something else on another device. Give your undivided attention to the instructor while they teach. You don’t have to turn your camera on throughout the class but make sure you ask a question and when you do, turn on your mic and camera. Ask at least one question per class.
  2. Send an email: You can go above and beyond, which profs like. Send an email to introduce yourself and ask constructive questions. Stay away from common faux pas like having the wrong salutation/spelling the profs name wrong, spelling mistakes, using contractions/slang, and not using polite phrases.
  3. Stay consistent: instructors like having students that always show up, read the assigned texts, and contribute. They notice and value students that don’t just do these things once but stay consistent throughout the term. Students they can count on. They don’t intend to be, but instructors end up being a bit linient with students like this. There is also an 80% chance that a student that is consistent will get a B or more for the class.
  4. Things not to do: don’t forget to mute yourself when you’re eating. Again, avoid doing other things when the class is going on like playing music, chatting with friends, or taking selfies. Imagine if your teacher did what you intend to do, if it’s inappropriate for them to do, then don’t do it!

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