Summer is here and it’s a whole new and different terrain transitioning into a post-pandemic life.

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Once again we may be questioning the essence of who we are. There’s still uncertainty in the air. Vaccine or no vaccine we’re still looking to the government to determine what freedoms we have and how the rest of the year will turn out. Personally, I haven’t felt very motivated at work because I like the hustle and bustle of people around while I work. I also feel a bit off kilter because going back to work in-person is seriously being considered and what if I don’t like what I have been pining for? What if going back to work…

One of the best feelings ever was walking into church today and seeing several people that I had not seen in ages present! The sanctuary was pulsing with energy and it was a beautiful experience. Have you ever been unwell and then hung out with friends and you feel completely fine? That’s what church is like these days.

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Two weeks ago we were driving home and the sun was setting. I looked out the window and marvelled at how beautiful the sky looked. Yes, I live in the land of the living skies and I should be used to it…

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I had a migraine last weekend, hence I did not have the capacity to post on here. It was the kind of migraine that brought me to tears. I have realized that women around me experience migraines and we handle them in different ways. I hope we all take time to rest and use whatever method works to ease the pain.

I did have a genuine appreciation for company. I now understand why dying alone is not worth experiencing. So incase you’re skeptical about the benefits of relating with people, making friends, or fellowshipping since things are opening up. …

It’s mother’s day!

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I just got off the phone with my mum so I am pretty stoked typing this out. Mother’s are exceptional beings and the older I get, the more I realize how much respect and appreciation should be accorded to women. I hope you take this day to remember and celebrate your mum or mothers around you today.

I have been contemplating the roll out of vaccines and the possibility for businesses and institutions to open up again. And I must confess, I don’t know how I feel about the potential for another season of change. …

The Importance of Caring

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January has been a long month, no surprise here. However, we made it! I heard Luke Combs’s “Six Feet Apart” on the radio this week and I thought it was an apt song. Like Luke, the conclusion I reached was yes “there will be light after dark”.

It’s the last day of January. If you are an over-thinker and planner like me, the times may not seem conducive for your big picture. Your grand scheme to conquer the world, create relationships, enjoy life, and show the world who you are (all in-person) seems to be foiled.

Things don’t seem to…

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Do you feel tired? Bored? Unmotivated? Inactive?

I have felt and caught myself from sinking deeper into that space. I have learned to dream again and focus on creating instead. Easier said than done.. right?

Last week I wrote about resilience, today I’ll write about lethargy because I believe that lethargy can hinder resilience (I also had a good conversation about this recently). Lethargy can place an individual in a position not to be challenged or to be unable to navigate or overcome difficulty.

I once worked as a cashier for three months. It was summertime and TA (teaching assistant)…

I’m back! Oh stop with the applause! I’ll hop right in.

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Change has been a leading concept since the onset of … you know what. The world experienced change socially, culturally, intellectually and in every sphere of experience. At work places, Zoom, Teams, and other networking tools took precedence over in-person meetings. At home, being in the company of family was unrelenting. We all experienced change and like me, you make have a complicated relationship with change.

I got married recently, hence my hiatus from writing. I also changed my living conditions, place of worship, and sold items that I…

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I should continue the ‘in-tune series… but human behavior and the climate we live in has left me perplexed. Humanity and character are intricate concepts and they have led me to think that “choice” has been misrepresented and misunderstood. In case you haven’t noticed, I have lots of thoughts floating around in my head.

An early literary dilemma that an English major faces is the theme of fate vs free will. Almost every tragedy requires an inquiry into the forces beyond and within the control of the character that falls. It’s not clear…

Part III

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A few weeks ago three of us were at a grocery store when a friend we hadn’t seen in a while noticed us and came to meet us. She asked if we were okay hugging and soon we were we hugged gigling and happy. The people around us were equally elated witnessing what was going on. It’s funny how hugging is now worth celebrating and appreciating. Social behaviour is uplifting and we all need social contact. I know the elderly are the more susceptible to the virus but they are affected more by the effects of loneliness. …

Part II

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When there is no audience

When the lights are turned off

When you lay in silence

Who do you think you are?

If I relate the concept of being in tune to selfhood, I refer to a state of understanding yourself and being hyper aware of who you are. You know exactly what is going on or where you are emotionally, intellectually, physically, socially, and spiritually. Tempered with contentment and motivation the understanding of who you are, what value you add, and the stage you are at right now results in an in-tune conceptualization of yourself. Make sense?

How can…

Tomi Oyegoke

I love human beings. I love writing about what defines and influences me. I explore education, lifestyle, positivity, femininity, relationships, books, and God.

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